Leaping Into Spring

Leaping Into Spring

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March is here, meaning the arrival of spring is not far off. While spring certainly means that the snow will be melting (thankfully) and the grass will be growing, it’s also a very important time in the life of students. Students in college and university are preparing final projects and getting ready for exams, while high school students will begin planning in earnest their next moves after graduation.

This month, we are delving deeper into the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), a rapidly growing sector that will soon have some of the highest demand for new graduates. We’re also taking a look at how you can get yourself organized while you ready yourself for finals and, of course, we have sourced some of the latest scholarships and bursaries to fund your academic ambitions.

Not sure what you want to study in post-secondary? Don’t fret – browse through our archives and our videos for thousands of different career options. Something is bound to spark your interest!

From all of us at JobsPeopleDo.com, have a great March and enjoy the warmer weather of springtime!

Jasmin Bollman

Content Editor

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