Why Do We Want to Protect the...

Why Do We Want to Protect the Environment?

by Kathleen Gerry
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Protecting the environment, natural resources and wildlife is something that is not only supported by people who are environmentalists. Everyone can take part in helping to improve the health of the planet.

When you walk outside, you may not realize it, but you are depending on fresh air to survive. In Canada, we are fairly lucky as our levels of air pollution are not nearly as high as those in more heavily populated countries like China or India. The health effects of bad air quality have been researched and it is proven to cause a number of diseases and illnesses. Improving the quality of the air is something that can be accomplished via grassroots efforts; That is, through individual efforts to emit less carbon into the atmosphere. Reducing carbon emissions can also be accomplished through the efforts of large companies and corporations, who emit the most carbon of all.

The quality of the water is also something that is important to consider since we all depend on clean water to survive. Maintaining clean water is something that can be accomplished through individual efforts like not flushing hazardous chemicals down the drain or toilet and trying to conserve water to reduce the demand on the water treatment facilities – an operation that requires a lot of water to conduct. Big businesses could also pitch in to conserve water by investing in water saving initiatives and partaking in water conservation efforts.

Wildlife also needs our protection. With more and more urbanization, spaces where wildlife are safe is decreasing at alarming rates. Deer, moose, cougars and bears are all often reported in the news as having caused car accidents due to the decline in their natural habitat and their subsequent wandering out onto developed land transformed into highways or suburban neighborhoods. In order to protect wildlife, we must invest in protecting Canada’s natural spaces.

If you support clean air, water and having a wide range of wildlife in Canada, see if there is a way you can get involved in your community. Help to clean up your local park or visit a wildlife sanctuary to see how they take care of animals.

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