Career Profile: Mold Maker

Career Profile: Mold Maker

by Susan Huebert
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Popsicles, metal tools, and plastic bowls all have something in common. Do you know what it is? They all get their shape from molds. These molds might be made of plastic, metal, or other types of material, but they all need someone to make them. Mold makers are the people who do this kind of work.

When you work on a project, do you prefer the beginning or the end of the process? Mold makers can help with an entire project, all the way through to the end. Cars are an example. Molds are a large part of the process, from making doors and chrome trimming to rubber tires. In other jobs, mold makers work with designing plastic cups and all kinds of other things that people use every day.

Becoming a mold maker involves a variety of skills. Attention to detail is one of the most important characteristics of good mold makers since some molds can have very small parts. In most areas, a four-year apprenticeship or a college program is necessary, and certification in the trade is available in some provinces. Depending on their skills and interests, mold makers can work in design or production. First, they draw the designs for the type of product they are making. They polish the mold and finish off any rough edges that might cause problems with any part of the process. Some molds are fairly simple to make, but others are more complicated. Molds for drinking cups are relatively easy, and small mistakes are unlikely to cause problems. However, molds for car parts have to be much more precise since people’s safety depends on every part working well.

Finding work as a mold maker depends on training, experience, and other factors. Job opportunities depend on where people want to work, as well as their ability to learn the specific requirements of the job. Salaries for mold makers in Canada start at about $30,000 per year and can go up to about $60,000, but the average annual salary is about $44,000. The work can be difficult at times, but it can be very rewarding to see products go from raw steel or plastic to finished pieces.

Does the job of mold maker appeal to you? The first place to look for more information is the Canadian Association of Mold Makers, which helps people in this trade to learn what they need to know and helps to support them in finding work and dealing with issues such as difficult working conditions or new technology that might be hard for some people to use. Other associations can also be very useful, and it can be a very good idea to talk to people working in the field about the best way to pursue a career in it.
If you like the idea of making some of the things that people use every day, the career of mold maker might be right for you.


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