Scholarships for Women

Scholarships for Women

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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In Canada, the bulk of scholarships and bursaries geared towards undergraduate student—regardless of the field of study or year—are available to both genders. But as the journey into higher education continues and expenses begin to pile up at a more alarming pace, scholarships become more specific. Here are some options for women who are looking for the funding that could eventually have a substantial impact on dream job placement.

Canadian Federation of University Women Fellowships and Awards
Value of awards: Up to $11,000
Level of Study: MA and PhD
Length of awards: 1 year each
About the awards: The CFUW provides numerous scholarships specific to different fields of study for women each year. It is the largest affiliate of International Federation of University Women (IFUW), promoting equality, higher education for women, and women’s rights within Canada. For information on the different awards available to female MA and PhD students, visit


Soroptimist Foundation of Canada
Value of award: $7,500
Level of study: MA and PhD
Length of award: 1 year
About the award: An award for women to help women. This scholarship is available to female Canadian graduate studies students who are pursuing careers in law, social services, medicine etc. with an aim to aid other women. The foundation’s goal is to generate a cycle of support and aid for female Canadians in order to promote health, education and women’s rights.
For further information visit www.soroptimistfoundation.ca


The Stacey Levitt Memorial Award
Value of the award: $2,500
Level of Study: any
Length of the award: not applicable
About the Award: Originally created by the Levitt family to honor the memory of athlete and student Stacy Levitt, this scholarship aims to help women who with to pursue educational, travel and athletic goals. This scholarship is a project of Parachute, and you can learn specifics about application procedures at www.noregrets.parachutecanada.org/get-involved/the-stacey-levitt-memorial-award

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