Exciting Careers in Computer Science:...

Exciting Careers in Computer Science: STEM

by May Chau
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The following is a list of exciting careers in computer science you may want to consider pursuing after you finish your studies in high school. Despite what observers may think, the computer science industry has many options for new graduates to pursue:

Computer Science Teacher
Has your dream always been to teach the next generation of students? Why not combine the best of both worlds and teach your passion? As a computer science teacher your day to day will involve preparing lesson plans for students, demonstrating computer theories to students and interacting with school administrators as well as parents. If you plan to pursue this teaching path, you will need to acquire an additional education degree after completing your bachelor’s program in a related technological field.

Software Engineer/Programmer
As a software engineer or programmer, your day to day will involve coding, so it is essential that you have mastered some programming languages during your studies. These languages will allow you to build software designs. Currently, this is one of the most sought after professions as every industry is in need of technological advancement. From healthcare to the gaming and film industries, as a programmer you will have the opportunity to be exposed to any of these industries. Another perk of pursuing this occupation is often times you will be able to work remotely and communicate with your colleagues electronically. So if you’re someone that thrives on your own schedule, this might be the job for you!

Network/Systems Administrator

Network or system administrators manage the networks or IT infrastructures of different organizations. The role involves making sure equipment such as servers, desktop work stations and mobile devices are running in the most efficient and secure way possible. While some companies choose to outsource their data network administration to IT service providers, this position is still essential to many industries. As a student interested in pursuing this occupation, you can also look into more business driven coursework like network communications and business systems design.

Enterprise Architect

As the name surely explains, being an enterprise architect is no easy task for it involves creating blueprints for data communication within organizations. The design is critical to how the organization responds to IT security threats. They are able to analyze the needs by working with managers and the Chief Technology Officer of the company. Often times this occupation requires a substantial amount of experience after completing a bachelor’s degree–but certainly an exciting career path to look forward to!

Regardless of which career in computer science you’re interested in, make sure to learn more about them by taking on some internships and co-op positions before university or college, and while in university or college. There is nothing quite like first-hand experience to tell whether a job is the right fit for you. Happy internship hunting!


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