Is it Normal to Change Careers?...

Is it Normal to Change Careers? Questions and Tips that will Help You Figure it Out

by May Chau
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It’s perfectly normal to change careers in some cases. But at what point is it valid to pursue the risk? Here are some ways you can tell it’s time to change your career path:

You’re frequently feeling tired, exhausted and unhealthy.
If you’re experiencing work hours to be exhausting and long, you might want to look into what is causing the problem. Is it your workplace? Most of us spend more time at work and with our co-workers than our loved ones so it’s important to love the place you work and people you work with. Overly stressful workplaces do not necessarily mean it is healthy competition or a good challenge for you. Listen to your body when it tells you this job is taking a toll on your health and move on.

Your values and skills do not align with those required of you.
Sometimes it isn’t your lack of skill but rather a mismatch of values. You might be very good at what you’re doing right now but it doesn’t mean it aligns with your personal values or what you want to get out of your job. The thing is, if you don’t care about your job you won’t be able to give it your best. Caring about what you do is giving your time value. So value your life.

The money you’re making doesn’t make up for the lost time.
At some point the salary you’re taking home won’t make up for the time you feel like you’re wasting while going to work every day. There are people you will meet in life that used to make way more than they do now…the difference is they are happier making less. Isn’t that the ultimate goal of life? To be happy? If you aren’t in a financial strain, you can shop around for a job after resigning. If money is a problem, consider finding a new job before you leave your current one.

You feel like you could make a better impact elsewhere.
If you know you’re fit for better things than moping away at your desk job then don’t waste any more time than you already have. While it isn’t necessary to obtain a job that is related to what you studied in school, you also don’t have to settle for jobs that are of no relevance to your interests. It’s about time you took charge and changed your career. These days, it’s normal to change careers several times until you find the right fit.


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