One Step Forward – Five Scholarships...

One Step Forward – Five Scholarships for Women in Science

by Rochelle C. Pangilinan
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Science has always been a fascinating subject for people, and it’s no wonder TV shows like Mr. Wizard’s World, Beakman’s World, Nova, and Bill Nye the Science Guy have filled the screens of households for many years. However, if there is one thing that these shows have taught the general public, it’s that science seems to be a world dominated by men.

Of course, times are changing, and although male scientists still remain to be at a substantially larger number than female scientists these days, there are boundless opportunities for women to enter the picture and prove that female scientists can be as good—maybe even better—than their male counterparts.

But first, those who are looking into establishing a career in sciences should have the appropriate education to go along with it, and below is a look into five scholarships that can help out:

Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation
The CEMF was established in 1990 spearheaded by Claudette MacKay-Lassonde, P.Eng. who was President of the Professional Engineers of Ontario at the time. Its goal is to provide for the education of women in studies related to engineering in schools, colleges, and universities throughout Canada. In 1998, the CEMF was formally launched. Three years later, in 2002, the organization’s scholarship program was created to provide financial assistance to women seeking studies in science. Since then, over 600 women all over Canada have taken a shot at the scholarship, and 200 of them have been successful.

Aspire Program (Canadian National Railway)
The Aspire Program from CN was created in 2012 to enlighten young women all over Canada about the opportunities in the world of railroad. It also offers grants to support the post-secondary education of women who are interested in programs related to CN’s core business such as Engineering, Transportation, Logistics, IT, and others.

Debbe Gervin Memorial Entrance Award
This endowment program was launched in 2001 in honour of Debbie Gervin, who was a beloved faculty member at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Every year, the family, friends, and the Society for Canadian Women in Science & Technology (SCWIST) allocates an entrance award to a female student in BCIT’s programs. At the same time, the organization provides bursaries to female students in BCIT’s Information Technology Professional Program.

Dr. Margaret Lowe Benston Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship program was founded in honour of Margaret Lowe Benston who devoted a considerable amount of her time and knowledge in the fields of women’s studies and computer science. Even after her passing in 1991, Benston remains to be an inspiration to all women in the field of science. The scholarship is awarded to a female student who has completed one year of her two-year trade or technology diploma program.

The Google Canada Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Anita Borg is the founder of the Institute for Women and Technology, an institution which up to this day honours her legacy. Dr. Borg is largely known for her strong vision of the positive impacts of technology and how women can be active participants and key instigators in the technical revolution. A scholarship amounting to $5,000 CAD is awarded to a group of female undergraduate and graduate students. At the same time, the scholars are invited to visit Google for a networking retreat which include workshops with a series of speakers, panelists, breakout sessions and social activities.

Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of revered female scientists like Anita Borg? If your answer is yes, you’ll definitely benefit from applying to the scholarships mentioned above.


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