Things to Know Before You Go to High...

Things to Know Before You Go to High School

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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No matter what generation you are from, it is a universal truth that the media makes high school seem scary. Decade after decade, movies depicting high school life make it seem so different and scary from elementary and middle schools. Different it most certainly is…scary it is not. At least it does not have to be. A lot of times your early perceptions of high school is solely based on films or word of mouth from older people in your life like siblings and their friends. From John Hughes movies like The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles, to the 90s classics Clueless and Jawbreaker to 2000s modern classics Mean Girls and Easy A, high school is depicted as a politic heavy bully central. It is actually so, so much calmer in reality.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you walk through those doors on your freshman day:

1. People in high school are not as tall as they first appear. You are a regular sized human.
2. Do not follow the stereotype guidelines of movies, that is, how you miss out on great experiences. Do not let your personality be judged by others and based on where you choose to spend your time in high school.
3. Grades are increasingly more important as you progress through high school. Keep tabs on that, even if you believe university is not in your future. Open possibilities will give you an innate sense of freedom.
4. Every one in high school is just a kid. You are all growing up, even if some seem more mature than others. Grow up at your own pace.
5. This is one tiny portion of your life. Who you are in high school will not define who you eventually become.
6. Choose friends that make you happy and respect you. Do not hang with anyone for status because their power will be meaningless in the future, but some true friendships last a lifetime.
7. Use your school’s extra resources like AP courses and tutoring; your university self will thank you. Of course do not overfill your plate, but instead allow yourself small extra challenges each semester.

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