A Perspective: 5 Highly Ranked...

A Perspective: 5 Highly Ranked Universities in Canada

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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Aside from being a beautiful country, Canada is also gifted in the realm of universities. A friendly spot for foreign students to expand their education and forage into adulthood, Canada is safe and features schools with high incentive to excel in the business of higher education. Here are some of Canada’s best:

McGill University

Not only is McGill one of the top universities in Canada, it is actually ranked within the top thirty best in the world. This one is always bait for international students from over 150 countries, and it is especially recommended for those seeking their medical doctoral. Situated in the heart of Montreal, McGill is a leader in continued education and boasts multidisciplinary and collaborating experts and faculties. Montreal is gorgeous and cosmopolitan; a perfect cultural center for a young person to learn. If you are a graduate student, McGill is made up of around 23% graduate students and has an extremely hands-on faculty.

University of Toronto

Again, ranked within the top of the world, U of T is set within Canada’s largest city and is particularly attractive to those within the literary criticism, communication and theory fields. It is also extremely impressive in research innovations; it happens to be the birthplace of insulin and stem cell research. Fun fact: it has the largest number of Nobel Prize winners and Rhodes scholars of any university in Canada.

University of British Columbia

Let’s head over to the West Coast! UBC has nearly 60,000 students between its Vancouver and Kelowna campuses. As of last year, 13,200 of these students were international students hailing from 155 countries. UBC has an especially fantastic business school, which fits in with Vancouver’s finance-based scene. It you want a more small-town feel, Kelowna is gorgeous and boasts high life quality with its lakes, orchards and wineries.

University of Alberta

A major economic driver in Alberta, the U of A is very well respected for its arts and humanities courses. Harbouring world-leading facilities like the National Institute for Nanotechnology and the Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology, this university is very attractive to those looking to take on more research-based education. With 7,000 of its 39,000 students being international students, U of A—like its peer universities—is a warm and welcoming stop for non-Canadians. Well, maybe not warm in the literal sense.

Université de Montréal

One of Canada’s major research centers, this university allocates nearly $524 million specifically to research conducted in more that 150 research centers as of 2011. Nearly 10,000 of the school’s population is made up of international students. This school is a leader in the field of life science and medicine, and is 35th in the world for pharmacy and pharmacology. Its study abroad agreements are also well known. Furthermore, being in a Francophone school will expose you to quick language learning and culture.

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