Manitoba Trade Scholarships

Manitoba Trade Scholarships

by Laura Sciarpelletti
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Tuition Fee Income Tax Rebate

Manitoba graduates from apprenticeship programs can apply to receive 60% income tax rebates on tuition fees based on their specific studies. That is a HUGE amount of money, and a sure-fire way to relieve financial stress and focus on studies and some series career goals. The amount varies, as do deadlines, so hopeful applicants are encouraged to contact Manitoba Finance for more information.


Bursary for Final-Year Apprentices

An annual bursary for apprentices in their last year of technical training, this one is quick to apply for and offers $1,000. It is only available to those who demonstrate financial need, can provide employer references, can provide a voluntary employment equity declaration and possess a technical training transcript disclosure. Applications are due yearly in August.


Tim McLean Memorial Fund Bursary

This annual bursary is available to Aboriginal apprentices in financial need. They must provide references and proof of that financial need. The bursary applications are assessed on the grounds of industry demand for the applicant’s specific certified trade. Applications are due yearly in May.


Journeyperson Business Start Program

Are you ready to venture into the business world? This scholarship is for newly certified journeypersons seeking to begin their very own full-time trade related business. $2,500 is nothing to shake a hammer at, and every little bit counts. Apply within one year of starting your business. This program will provide contribution to certain business purchases including equipment, tools, supplies, buildings and leasehold and building improvement.


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