Volunteering During the Holidays

Volunteering During the Holidays

by Maria Cruz
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While many people enjoy spending time with friends and family during their holidays, others may be looking to spend some of their time volunteering to do some good around their community.

There are a lot of charities you can get involved with to do some volunteer work. The holidays are not only a great time to donate some of your time but it also helps you work towards your GED by filling in some of your volunteer hours.

One of the easiest ways you can find out about local volunteer opportunities is to get in contact with your high school’s counsellor. They’ll be able to help you find out which charities are looking for some holiday volunteering but there are usually things you can do in your very own school to help out. Many high schools host a charity drive that collects non-perishable goods and others collect toys, food, and clothing for gift baskets that are sent to shelters.

There are also plenty of organizations looking to take on some volunteers such as the Daily Bread Food Bank, Evergreen, Heart & Stroke Foundation, and Habitat for Humanity. All you need to do to get some more information is either look into it online or call the organizations for more information. The work is never too strenuous. For organizations like the Daily Bread Food Bank, you’ll have the same opportunities available in some high schools like gathering food for the homeless or for shelters.

Some of your local malls will also offer some opportunities such as delivering meals to the elderly. You’ll also be able to wrap presents and collect donations for several other organizations around your area like the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

There are also a few things you can do around your town to help others without needing to work with any charities. Everyone has their own specificity regarding volunteer experiences or doing some good around your neighbourhood. A few things you can do to help around your community could also be distributing food to homeless shelters or maybe going through your closet and donating some clothing to local shelters.

Having some down time from the stress of high school during the holidays is a great way to unwind but there are a lot of things you can do in your neighbourhood to help others. It may seem like volunteering has the potential to crash your holiday plans but doing some good has many of its own benefits. You’ll feel good knowing that you made a difference while also getting to meet new people.

The holidays are just as much about helping others as it is about spending time with those you love and care about. There are many people who are going through some hardships that need our help now more than ever and doing some volunteer work at your local mall, organization, or even just around the community can do a world of difference. You are doing so much more than you think.

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