Jobs That Combine Creativity &...

Jobs That Combine Creativity & Technology

by Anthony Teles
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Proficiency in technology has become critical in today’s workforce. Computers and devices are now attached to us all day long, and therefore jobs have changed to reflect that. But humans are still very different from computers. We are capable of using information in very complex ways, using that data for reasoning, and using strong creative abilities to come up with new ideas. These abilities can be combined with modern technology for many exciting and rewarding jobs.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to bring gorgeous looking websites to our laptop screens. Web developers and designers are tasked with creating websites for their clients that combine the right look with the needed features and functionality. Developers focus on the coding, using knowledge in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more. Designers focus on the look and design, using skills such as graphic design and image editing. This can be for both computers and mobile devices. Also important are user experience designers, or UX designers. They use their creativity and knowledge to figure out how users will experience and use a website. Their research and creative powers help them to figure out the layout, buttons, and atmosphere for their client’s site. This means knowing about HTML and CSS, as well as understanding the minds of users and how to create graphics.

People are doing more and more online, which has meant problems for physical stores. But it is still important for products to be presented effectively for purchase on sites like Amazon or in large retail stores. Product and packaging designers have to figure out how to make an item look enticing to consumers, and actually convince people to hand over their hard-earned money to take that item home. This takes skills in art, knowing how packages are assembled, and an understanding in current popular trends. Yet products are no longer only physical. Digital product designers do the same things as product designers, but for apps, programs, and websites. They need to use their coding and graphic skills for everything from groundbreaking apps at startups to redesigns with major companies.

With newer technologies come new ways people can be entertained. This means many opportunities for creativity and technology to come together. Multimedia artists and animators use their digital art and computer animation skills to bring cartoons to television, film, and streaming services. They also create animations for video games, augmented reality, and apps. This takes collaboration with other creatives in tech, such as interactive media developers. These developers focus on the coding for video games, apps, and interactive media. They program the special effects and write the software code that brings a lot of our entertainment to life.

These jobs require a combination of logical thinking, analytical approaches to information, and creativity. They are just some of the many ways that advanced technologies and computers are being married with the creative power of the human brain. There are more opportunities than ever to pursue these types of jobs. You can enroll in college or university programs in campus or online. Before that, you can start studying coding and other skills on your own through numerous online sources. Creativity and technology will continue to come together in many exciting ways, and you can be a part of that journey right now.


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