Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

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Welcome back to school and a new year with JPD!

We here at JPD can’t wait to share new adventures with you, including the search for a meaningful career PATH! Going back to school can be very intimidating. You are moving up a Grade and for some, it may be your last of high school. This is when it really counts- applying for scholarships, working a part time job, applying to post-secondary schools. No matter what your focus is this year, JPD wants to help you out when it comes to researching and seeking options for a bright future.

In the first issue of the school year, we have articles on: energy boosting foods to keep you going, writing compelling and organized essays, becoming a film grip, social worker, biologist, marketing manager and more.

You want to add to your resume this year? Email me if you are interested in writing for JPD and I will give you all the details!


Enjoy your first month at school and as always, stay safe!


Erin Kelly

Content Editor

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