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Interesting Environmental and Sustainability Careers

by Meghan Brown
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Careers in the field of environmental sustainability are growing fast, as the increased awareness of global environmental concerns such as global warming, deforestation, agricultural production, and ocean acidification brings with it a need for more professionals working on solutions.  Whether you’re interested in helping preserve the Earth’s natural environment, fighting climate change, or making sure that humans are getting the best use of their natural resources, there is an environmental sustainability career for you.

Biofuel Production

Biofuel is fuel for cars and other machines that is made from natural plant matter, such as ethanol made from corn.  Most biofuel is made from non-food crops that are farmed just like food crops, but which need to be processed into a form that can be used as fuel.  Tradespeople can find jobs in this area doing work such as operating farms and harvesting the biofuel crops, operating factories and refineries where the plant matter is processed, working in labs testing samples of plants and processed fuels, or being part of the supply chain transporting the finished fuel to its destination.


Travel is an important experience, and sustainable travel is often something that means a lot to people who want to see the world but also want to ensure they are having minimal impact on the environment.  People who work in eco-tourism are in charge of visiting unique natural locations and planning environmentally friendly trips for individuals and groups.  This includes making sure that transportation methods are sustainable and not damaging to the natural locations.  Other jobs include acting as a travel guide to lead a group of tourists, or working in museums and tourist information centers to inform visitors about the natural area and how they can visit without harming the local plants and animals.

Solar Energy

One of the most promising sustainable energy sources is solar energy, which can be used to power cars, buildings, and most other things that run on gas or electricity.  There are many careers in the solar industry, including operating solar power plants, building and installing solar panels at power plants or buildings, or working in manufacturing plants producing solar panels.  Other careers include solar engineering to develop new and better solar technologies, advising companies or municipalities on how to include solar infrastructure, and consulting for the government on solar energy policies.

Agroforestry and Reforestation

Reforestation is an essential aspect of environmental sustainability, which involves planting large numbers of trees in areas which have been harvested or experienced forest fires.  Agroforestry has a focus on including forestry practices alongside agriculture, such as structuring farms to include beneficial trees and shrubs in food rop farms to help maximize yields and optimize the environment.  Forestry careers include managing woodlands, planning selective cutting operations, planting trees, or working at tree nurseries.  Agroforestry jobs include managing farms, soil technicians, harvesting, and advising municipal or government agencies on reforestation projects and policies.

These are only a few of the many possible careers in the environmental sustainability field.  Other jobs include water quality technicians, wetlands management, paper and plastics recycling, green and eco-friendly architecture, renewable wind energy, air quality technicians, environment and sustainability public relations, and landscape architecture.






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