Board Games!

Board Games!

by Maria Cruz
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Family game night is an event everyone can look forward to. Age gaps between family members needn’t prevent the whole gang from having fun. If you’re looking for a board game suitable for children, but enjoyable for adults, these are the best options on the market.

5 Second Rule

Players need to be quick on their feet with this game. With over 300 questions available, players are asked to name three things of a particular category in five seconds. A few examples of topics are three dog breeds, three vegetables, or three people whose name starts with “John”.

What may seem simple in the beginning quickly becomes a game of skill as players need to think quickly and articulate their thoughts properly. Various versions exist (such as 5 Second Rule Jr.) and you can easily play it with children. Even if the questions more pander to kids, adults can still get tongue-tied!

You can play with three or more players aged 10 and up.

Googly Eyes

This one’s a great game for anyone in the family. The objective of the game is to put on the image-distorting glasses and attempt to complete a drawing challenge. Other players then need to try and guess what you’re doodling before the timer runs out.

The glasses also come with three difficulty levels, making it a perfect game for children. Additionally, no one needs to feel left out or embarrassed if they’re not the best artist. Everyone’s going to make something goofy!

You can play with a maximum of six people aged four to 16.

Apples To Apples

Apples to Apples is an award-winner, so you know it’s a hit with families. This board game helps kids learn language skills and creativity while giving the adults something fun to play as well. The object of the game is for one player (the judge) to draw a green card with an adjective on it. The other players then draw a red card from their pile, all containing various nouns. They pick a noun they think best describes the green card. The judge then picks who wins based on the best selection!

It’s a great choice for four to ten players aged ten and up.

Why These Games Work

What makes these particular games stand out is their ability to teach kids language acquisition, creativity, and cleverness in a fun setting. These games are ones you can turn back to on family night to relive the magic of your very first sit-down together. They’re also not the types of games to lose their playability on account of memorizing cards or an inability to generate new ideas to keep things fresh.

Family game night is one everyone at home should enjoy. Kids’ games don’t need to bore adults or teens, and they won’t if you know which ones to reach for on shelves. Test your skills and boost your child’s knowledge with these fun, educational games for the whole gang!

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