Changing Your Mind About Post-Secondary

Changing Your Mind About Post-Secondary

by Alexa Cairns
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Entering post-secondary education can be a scary time. Deciding on your pathway, picking a campus, leaving home and money challenges are all very difficult struggles that most students face. So of course, students are bound to re-think their decisions, and that’s okay. A lot of students nowadays are choosing to go straight into their career out of high-school and become very successful. The most important decision of all is about choosing what is right for you and only you. If leaving home and living on campus is not what you want, but that’s what all your friends are doing, don’t do it. Try to avoid being pressured into decisions based on what others around you are choosing to do. Most teachers advise students into going to college or university. However, there are many other pathways that may be more suitable for you. These pathways include community college, apprenticeship or going straight to the workplace.

Colleges are great ways for applied thinkers to get the education that is best for them. Colleges, unlike universities, are hands-on learners. Whether your passion is sports, technology, art, music, drama, math, science, or any other interests you have, they have programs that are best for applied learners.

Universities although similar to colleges, can also be very different. Universities mainly use a different technique of learning, by mostly focusing on the critical analysis of subjects, and use a lot of textbooks and academic journal research. Most classes are students in lecture halls, taking notes. If you are currently taking academic classes or believe that thinking-style would be easier for you, university is best for you.

Community colleges are a great choice for people returning to school, people who wish to get higher requirements in order to get into another program, or if you think this is the best option for you. Community colleges typically have two year programs that allows you to go straight to the workforce with a higher education than a graduation diploma.

Apprenticeship is an up and coming decision for many high-school graduates who are interested in trades. Apprenticeships mean that the worker would be learning on-the-job. You are specifically trained by another worker for your job.

Finally, many high school students are making the decision to get straight to work after high school by entering the workforce. A lot of students are eager to get out of school and begin working in the profession they want.

The most important decision of all is about choosing what is right for you and only you. No graduate should ever feel as if they are being forced into a pathway that they don’t want. Choose the pathway that is right for you.



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