Do More in May

Do More in May

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April showers bring May flowers? That has been the saying for many years. However, the weather everywhere has been a bit out of sync. There has been snow all over the west coast of Canada, major flooding in Northern Ontario, and below seasonal temperatures in many provinces across the country. There are always cyclical patterns in weather, but with all the stirring talk about climate change lately, people are beginning to connect the dots to some of this abnormal weather. Have you taken part in any climate protests lately? How do you feel about the environment these days? It is an important subject that affects us all- how will you choose to help the environment? With only a couple months left to go before summer break, you might be scrambling to get your 40 hours of volunteer service completed- why not try helping an environmental organization? The options are limitless!

Thank you to all of our new student writers that have contributed to JPD this month- they have all done a killer job to bring you some informative and useful information regarding: the positives and negatives of taking a gap year, how to stabilize yourself if you feel lost after high school, how to be street smart on campus,the pros and cons of coffee drinking, and exploring the meaning of gender identity and why it is important.

Be sure to check out the Scholarships section so you can catch up on current OSAP changes and also the scholarships of the month!

Have a great May!

Erin Kelly

Content Editor

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