The Use of Technology in Our Daily Lives

The Use of Technology in Our Daily Lives

by Linda Mendes
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The use of technology can be a very controversial topic. Some people do not believe that it does any good in our daily lives, while others believe that with new technology, we are able to do things that people would not have dreamed of doing today. Although it can be agreed that some advances in tech could have negative outcomes, it is not harmful to use it to help out with daily tasks.

For example, the existence of technology has helped us with the following:


  • The use of technology makes it easy for people to work from home. Not everyone is able to go out and travel to their jobs every day and working from home makes it easy. People can start their businesses and promote them online.


  • Today technology makes communication simple. Having a conversation with people who are oceans away can happen as quickly as it would be as if having a conversation with someone who is sitting next to you. There are many options, such as texting, calling, video chatting, and sending audio recordings.

Data Collection and Analysis

  • Collecting, analyzing and transmitting data is very simple and quick when using today’s technology. From the calendar app to the Dropbox app, a lot could be done and many documents can be shared from one person to another in a matter of seconds.


  • Learning new things in two minutes has never been easier! With all the videos and explanations online, learning can be very simple and quick. Students can also use technology to further understand any concepts that they have learned at school. Not only that but now there are classes online that students may take. With the variety of ways to educate oneself, it really helps students and people learn in ways that suit them the best.

Fixing Issues

  • If there is a problem it is not difficult to search online to find a solution. For example, if one is trying to build something and they just cannot get it right, they can simply find a tutorial, solutions or tips online helping them complete their project much quicker and more effectively.


  • Technology is used very often in hospitals and clinics today. It helps healthcare providers with several jobs such as assessing to recording their patients’ health. There are some situations where patients and doctors can communicate face to face if there are any barriers that may keep them from meeting in person.

Reducing Garbage

  • Instead of having assignments printed on paper, assignments can be written on word documents online and submitted through one’s email. Also, as a substitute for having images on paper, you can have them in albums online to view whenever and wherever you’d like. The use of technology helps us save trees!

Technology is not as bad as people make it seem. If technology is used efficiently, it can help reduce stress and complete tasks in a short amount of time. Technology can be addictive, therefore when using technology, it is important to limit the time spent on it and set aside time for oneself and those in their lives.






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