Extracurricular Activities That Lead to...

Extracurricular Activities That Lead to Jobs During High School

by Alexa Cairns
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School clubs are an amazing way to get involved and gain life experience, learn, and lead into jobs in the future. By taking part in these clubs and teams, you have a better chance at getting a job in that area.

For example, by taking part in a group such as student council or student government, you are learning substantial information about politics, governments, running events, and more. These can be extremely important qualities to have learned about and experienced depending on what field of work you end up in. Joining the student body at school can make chances of you getting a job higher because you learn valuable, lifelong skills and lessons.

If you are interested in entering the arts, we suggest joining the club that fits your interest. For visual art students, some schools have an arts club where they teach and practice various forms of visual art. This gives students a glimpse of what they will be doing in their future jobs. For musical students, there is a wider variety of clubs available at most schools. There is typically a marching band or a concert band, a jazz band, choir, and some schools also offer soloists or small groups to perform at concerts. These are an amazing way to prepare yourself for the future, especially in terms of performances due to the fact that performing is an important part of music. These clubs are excellent to include on resumes.

If you enjoy engineering, construction, science and math, robotics is a great club for you to join. You have the opportunity to learn about these things through building robots. This is a fun learning experience that also happens to be an amazing way to lead to a job in the future. Including this on your resume shows people that you are familiar with using computers and technology.

STEAM is perhaps the best club to join if you’re concerned about it leading to a job. The STEAM club stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. If you are interested in any of those things, we strongly encourage you to join this club that is offered at most high schools. Some schools have a STEM club which is the same thing, just without the arts incorporated into it. This club teaches you about working on a team, and about different aspects of all the subjects in the name of the club. This experience is definitely one to take part in, and is something that appeals to people searching for jobs in these areas of work.

Lastly, if you are interested in pursuing a career in sports, athletics or kinesiology, sports teams are the way to go. Most schools offer a wide variety of sports teams including basketball, volleyball, football, soccer, field hockey and a swim team. Depending on the sport you’re interested in pursuing as a career, we suggest joining that team to increase the likelihood of you getting a job or being recruited for that sport.

No matter what career path you are interested in taking, there is most likely a club that can help you get a job in that area in the future. Make sure to remember this when you are deciding whether or not to join or try out for clubs this year.


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