Career Profile: Home Remodeler

Career Profile: Home Remodeler

by Susan Huebert
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Suppose that your house needed a new kitchen or a larger garage. Your parents might call a home remodeler to do that work. If you like working with your hands and helping people live comfortably, this might be the right job for you.

Home remodelers work with other people in the construction industry to rebuild sections of homes that are breaking down or just looking old. Sometimes, they might even completely rework a room to turn it into a new bathroom, study, or living room. Some home remodelers work on their own, but many work as contractors for companies that specialize in building homes and other structures.

Generally, employers in this field require only a high school diploma for their workers, but extra education or an apprenticeship can be helpful. Getting training as an electrician, for example, could help increase job opportunities.

Depending on the situation, home remodelers might work a lot or very little with customers. In small businesses, the worker might need to interact with customers to find out what they want, but in other cases, only the managers of a company might work with the public.

Home remodelers who also have skills beyond their own field are likely to have a wide choice of jobs. Being able to talk with people and to explain the process to them is a valuable skill in this kind of work. Having a basic knowledge of accounting and office procedures can also be helpful and might help home remodelers to find good jobs that pay well.

Salaries for people working in home remodeling are generally quite high. Salaries start at about $33,000 per year and can rise to over $73,000 with experience. In many cases, the hourly wages are between about $21 and $28 per hour. Some people work part time in this job, but many fulltime jobs are also available.

Like many construction jobs, home remodeling work can be physically demanding. Workers need to be able to lift heavy materials and to bend, stretch, and kneel as they put up drywall, nail baseboards in place, or finish ceilings. Being physically fit is very important for this job. The work can be dangerous as accidents can easily happen when people crawl on top of roofs or possibly drop heavy objects on themselves or other people. Workers should be careful and detail-oriented but also imaginative enough to see what a project might look like when it’s finished.

Work in the home remodeling industry is almost always available, although opportunities decrease in difficult economic times. These days, residential home remodeling provides about a million jobs in Canada. The skills that home remodelers gain can also be useful for many other jobs, and people who start out in this field can often move to another trade quite easily. More work is likely to be available in cities than in small towns or rural areas, but larger communities also have more competition.

Home remodeling can be a good job for people who enjoy making something old look new. If that describes you, why not consider this trade?


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