Christmas Crafts for You and Everyone...

Christmas Crafts for You and Everyone You Know!

by Maria Cruz
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Well, it’s official: Holiday time is just around the corner. With so much to look forward to, it’s perfectly normal to ring in the holidays with some holiday crafts! Did you know there are hundreds of inexpensive, simple things you can create with your family or friends? If you were wondering what to do this year, we’ve got a few ideas for you.

  1. Handprint Santa

This adorable craft from The Best Ideas for Kids only requires six ingredients, none of which are dangerous to use. With a bit of cotton, felt, googly eyes and glue, you can make Santa’s face using only your handprint.

All you have to do is trace your hand, cut it out, and decorate it to look like jolly ol’ Saint Nick. You can craft his hat from red and white pieces of felt and create his face with googly eyes and a little red pom. A little cotton from the cotton balls will make up his beard, and there you have it!

These make terrific decorations for around the house or even for the tree. The best part is that the back of Santa’s face is blank, so you can make personalize messages.

  1. Paper Snowman

This one comes to us from Easy, Peasy, and Fun. It’s an aptly named website because this craft is pretty much all of those things.

For this one, all you need are some different coloured paper, scissors, glue, cardstock, and a black marker. Roll some white paper into a tube and glue the ends together. You’ll want to do this three times to make the snowman’s body. Once the glue has dried, you want to then glue your tubes onto the cardstock.

The black and orange paper will create his hat and carrot nose. You’re more than welcome to decorate his hat however you see fit, which is where all the different kinds of paper comes in! From there, you can make your snowman’s face using your marker.

These are so easy to make, so you should definitely look into making more than one! Stick them up in your house or make one for each member of your family.

  1. Pinecone Christmas Tree

Our final idea comes from PJs and Paint. A bit of paint, wooden stars, and a glue gun will turn an ordinary pinecone into a festive Christmas tree!

One of the best things about this craft is that you can really make your tree look exactly how you want. Once you paint the pinecone green (and let the paint dry) you can then go in and add snowy branches, lights, and stars to put on top.

Bear in mind that you’ll need a glue gun to get the stars on top of the pinecone. So, be sure to have an adult with you so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

These simple crafts will get you on the right track to welcome Santa to your home. Make as many as you want and fill your home with Christmas cheer!




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