Staying Connected During Those Cold...

Staying Connected During Those Cold Winter Months

by Alexa Cairns
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The winter can be a difficult time for a lot of people with the events, stress, or perhaps you’re being reminded of old memories from past holidays. Whatever has you down this winter, here are a few ways to brighten up your spirit:

Focus on your family and friends! Connections and relationships are a huge part of the holiday’s and by spending time with your loved ones, you are bound to be cheered up quickly. Rather than getting caught up in the stress of the season, remind yourself of the good things, like the people in your life. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, take a few minutes to go for a walk in the snow, put up decorations or bake with someone you care about. It’s the little things that can mean the most and can become the most memorable parts of the winter. Being alone too often causes people to be more upset, so getting out of your house with your family or inviting a friend over is a sure way to make you feel happier this winter. Indulge in family traditions and allow yourself to be nostalgic! Happy memories create joy in your life now and let you realize how lucky you are to have had those times.

Stay cozy! Take some time to relax; grab a book, a blanket, and sit by your fireplace. Get some warm hot chocolate or coffee and simply enjoy yourself. This is perhaps the best way to calm stress and can easily make you focus on the fact that the simple things are those of which make you feel the happiest. Even watching a winter or holiday-themed movie to make you feel grateful for this season.

Depending on where you live, another great part of the wintertime is the snow! This wonderful, picturesque thing is difficult not to love. Children building snowmen, making snow angels, snowball fights, even romantic walks in the snow! Spending time outdoors with refreshing air can make you feel happier in no time. Go skating, tobogganing, or for a walk in the beautiful snow. According to Time magazine, “Spending time outdoors…is one of the fastest ways to improve your health and happiness.” There are endless positive benefits to taking as little as a minute out of your busy day to go outside. It’s a simple and quick way to be happier this winter. Some people find this weather a nuisance, but rather than being quick to judge, find the good in it, the things that you enjoy about the snow, and about Winter!

If you’re a student, a teacher, or get anyone that gets a holiday break this season, there’s a great thing to look forward to! Getting a break from the chaos of school, work and the social aspects of them both is a great way to let go of your stress. You have lots of time to do the things that you love and time to rest before going back to work again, fully reset with lots of energy.

The New Year is the perfect excuse to reset and bring your attention to yourself, your life and your goals. Whatever has you stressed this season, try to relax and put your focus on the things that bring you joy. It can be difficult to do this when feelings are overwhelming you, but it’s important to focus on the good to be happier. Try taking a moment to focus on your life and the things that are important to you. Write down your goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. While doing this, you will realize the things that make you truly grateful about your life now and about the things that you would like to alter to make you happier next year.

There are countless good things in winter and easy ways to make you feel happy so long as you try. Try any one of these suggestions and you will no doubt feel happier this winter! Remember not to let yourself get caught up in the stress of the holidays and the weather but rather focus your attention on the things in your life that bring you joy.


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