Jobs in the Fashion Industry

Jobs in the Fashion Industry

by Sadie Osborne
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When you think of working in the fashion industry you might first think of a designer or maybe a model. If you want to work in fashion but do not want to be either of those, there are other jobs in this industry that might be just as satisfying or better!

Of course there are the designers who are a big part of the final products, but there is also fashion illustrators who work with designers in the early stages of making a new product, making sketches and ideas. For either of these jobs a degree in fashion design is important, and also getting a degree in visual arts is also ideal. Look for internships in this field to get experience, some internships are paid while others might not be.

If you do not want to work in the creative part of fashion, there are still plenty of other careers in the field to look for. A fashion stylist is someone who picks clothes for other people to wear, often to events. There are also person stylists who work one person rather than several people. To be a stylist you will need a portfolio of looks that you have styled, a degree in fashion merchandising and you will need to look out for internships as well.

Maybe you would like to be the one to show the final products off. You could be a clothing model, or if you would rather be behind the camera, a photographer. Many brands are often looking for people to model their clothes for advertisements and magazines. There are also runway models who model clothing at fashionista shows. Fashion photographers are the people behind the cameras, taking and often editing the photos. To become a fashion photographer, you will need to have photography skills; you can develop these by taking courses. You can also get a degree in photography that will look good when looking for job opportunities. To work as a model, you need a portfolio. You can try freelance modelling, but be careful and make sure you are working with real studios with proper track records of business.

Everyone starts somewhere and a good start for working in the fashion industry could be something as simple as working at a clothing store. Take a trip to the mall and see what stores might be hiring, and see if you meet the requirements to work there. It is always smart to have good resume ready when you plan to apply for jobs, so be sure to have one. Remember not to give up if you do not get the first job you apply to- there are other places that you might be a better fit for!

The fashion industry is a lot bigger than most people think and there are more opportunities than just creating and presenting the fashion. Working in fashion can be really rewarding and fun- it may not even seem like work if you are really into it!






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