Making Your Way Through the...

Making Your Way Through the Struggle…

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Hey Everyone- How are you holding up? That seems to be the most common question asked right now when you begin talking to someone you haven’t seen or heard from because of the Covid19 lock-down guidelines.In this issue of JPD, we will be talking all about Covid19 issues; studying, working at home, mental health, and even understanding some of the Covid19 jargon used often today. We of course have more career profiles and scholarships ( yes, you should still be applying for scholarships!) and a few articles on how to organize yourself financially during this crisis.

Every student in the country right now is dealing with doing their school work at home. You might have already found your routine and whatever works for you- which is great. On the other hand, some may not be as quick to catch on. This is COMPLETELY understandable. Do whatever you have to do to make it through the struggle of this time. If you can only get work done at night time, go for it.

Some highlighted articles this month:

Covid19 and the Climate Crisis: Campus Life

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How Covid19 is Changing Language: Featured Articles

Uplifting Stories to Cling to During the Pandemic: Campus Life

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Stay Safe and Healthy!

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Content Editor

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