The New Normal…

The New Normal…

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So much has changed since we spoke last…

March break is over and usually, you would be back at school, sitting at your desks, ready to learn. You are all still ready to learn, but maybe in your own room or at your kitchen table. The world was already a scary place, and it seems like it just got a whole lot scarier. The COVID-19 virus is a global outbreak that has affected almost every single person on earth, in one way or another. All of you will now be working and learning at home for the foreseeable future.

JPD will still be providing you with articles and material until the regularly scheduled summer break- we are here for you. A lot has changed in the world, but all of you will still have great future job and career opportunities; just not at this very moment. It is even possible that new and never-heard -of before jobs will come as a result of this pandemic. We must all stick together and get through this hard time- if only through virtual means.

April’s Highlighted Articles:

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Stay safe, stay home, be kind to yourself and others.

Erin Kelly

Content Editor


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  1. Toronto District School Board says:

    How do I access these articles??

    • Toronto District School Board says:

      Where is the new information that reflects the changing times after March break 2020?
      The articles and content on this website are so outdated and it appears new articles and assignments can be added?

      • Erin Kelly says:

        Hi there! We publish a monthly issue. We are doing a May issue specifically on Covid19 issues. If you have some interesting ideas, you are welcome to email me at jpdeditor@magiclanternmedia.com. All our writers work incredibly hard on the site material!

    • Erin Kelly says:

      Which articles would you like to access?

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