Different Houseplants for Your Home

Different Houseplants for Your Home

by Anthony Teles
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Sitting in a park often feels so much nicer than sitting at home. There are different reasons for this, but there is one easy way to bring a bit of the park home with you… Plants! Houseplants can make a huge difference in any room. By finding different ones to place in different rooms, as well as how to properly take care of them, you will discover many great benefits. Below are some popular choices for plants that can brighten up your home.

Start by looking into houseplants that are easy to take care of. The golden pothos is extremely common as it does not take much work to keep them alive. In return, it helps to purify the air in your home. Bamboo is another easy option as it can grow in most light conditions and only needs some distilled water and pebbles. You can make bamboo a table centrepiece or place it on a plant stand, making it ideal for the dining room. Boston ferns are great plants not only because they are simple to care for, but also for their talent when it comes to cleaning the air – in fact, that they made NASA’s list of air-purifying plants. They are a good choice for removing plastics and cigarette smoke from what we breathe. With a little bit of maintenance, plants can bring many benefits.

The Monstera deliciosa plant, for example, needs to be watered at least weekly or every other week. Be sure to let the soil dry out in between. They also need to be kept away from direct sunlight from a window, and grow better with medium indirect light. Peace lilies also need indirect light and should not be placed by a sunny window. Azaleas are beautiful flowers that need humidity and moist soil to stay alive, so it is good to mist them with water on a regular basis. All of these plants help remove harmful pollutants in the air for a fresher home.

Houseplants can do more than just clean the air you breathe. Discover different herbs you can place in your kitchen to be used when cooking. Many herbs can be grown and kept all year long. Rosemary is a great choice for a kitchen with sunny windows. Aloe vera not only removes compounds from cleaning agents and paint that stay in the air, but the juices from its leaves also help with treating sunburn. It even can be used in food and drinks. The gerbera daisy is a great plant for the bedroom, as it produces oxygen at night and was found by the Lung Institute to help those who suffer from sleep apnea.

If you are looking to bring some of the outdoors indoors, start by investigating different houseplants for your home. The ones listed above are just a few of the many there are to choose from. Think about what sizes and colours will go well in different rooms, and what benefits you want to get out of them. Also, be ready to put in the work to care for them, including making sure they get enough water, the proper sunlight, and are kept away from any pets. You and your family will be breathing better air, have plants to help with cooking and other uses, and have an even lovelier place to call home.


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