How to Get a Great Start to the Day

How to Get a Great Start to the Day

by Linda Mendes
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Your days can begin in several different ways. It can begin fast-paced and stressful, or even slow and calm. Your mornings depend on you. You don’t have to rush your morning routine and dash out the door every morning. With these five tips, you can learn how to change your routine for you to get a great start to the day; every day!

Wake Up Early

Waking up early, especially when you have somewhere to be, can help you start your day in high spirits. There are several benefits to waking up early. These benefits include: being able to get through your morning routine without being rushed, the ability to enjoy the quiet morning hours, and getting a head start on your daily goals and tasks. One tip to get yourself out of bed earlier is to set your time about 5 minutes behind. This tricks you into thinking that you have less time to get ready.

Drink Water

It is important to drink water at all times of the day, but it is also very important to start your day with a glass of water. If you’d like, you can add some lemon into your water to change it up a bit. Adding some lemon to your water can cleanse and stimulate the liver and kidneys, provide you with some Vitamin C, and keep your skin looking healthy!

Complete a Quick Exercise

Completing a quick exercise can help get your blood flowing. Exercise helps release chemicals called endorphins (happy hormones) and will help you feel happy and prepared for the day. Doing a stretching routine can help you loosen your muscles after sleeping and increase blood flow to your muscles. If you’d like to do something more calming, you can take that time to meditate. Meditating can help you reduce stress and feel calmer.

Have a Good Breakfast

Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day but not all of us have breakfast every morning. When you eat a well-balanced breakfast daily, it benefits you in many ways. You will be less hungry throughout the day, you’ll be able to concentrate better, and have much more energy! A healthy breakfast consists of all four food groups. Try to include all of the four food groups in your breakfast daily.

Plan and Prepare the Night Before

To reduce the stress during the morning, planning and preparing the night before is a good option. The night before, you could write a to-do list, pack your bags, pack your lunch, and keep your belongings in a spot where you can quickly get them before you leave. This is very helpful if you have somewhere to be the next morning.

Now that you’ve discovered 5 ways to help you get a great start to the day, all you have to do is include them into your routine! Doesn’t that seem easy? It may not be at first, but as you stick to your new routine, it’ll become much easier. Begin your new routine tomorrow morning if you want to wake up with a smile and get a great start to the day from now on!






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