Scouting Out the STEAM World

Scouting Out the STEAM World

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By Maryam Sheikh

As our society progresses and advances into a more STEM-focused world, new jobs and career opportunities are popping up for the future generation to pursue. STEM emphasizes the roles of science, technology, engineering, and math, and how all these areas relate to each other and work to enhance the lives of people around the globe. More recently, the STEM acronym has been updated to STEAM in order to include the arts. This has come with the acknowledgement that integrating the arts into STEM is crucial to allow for ideas to be communicated clearly and effectively. Including the arts also makes room for creativity and innovation within these fields which is important for coming up with sustainable, unique solutions to some of our greatest problems.

There is a plethora of job opportunities within the STEAM field- a few of which I will highlight below. These careers appealed to me and I wanted to share them with any students who might be considering STEAM-related education after high school.

  1. Medical Illustrator

Medical illustrators combine the fields of science and art! They are primarily responsible for effectively communicating complex medical and scientific concepts in textbooks, learning tools, health apps, journals, museums, television and media, and through other mediums. Medical illustrators are educated in science- specifically in concepts such as biology, anatomy, pathology, and/or other specialized fields through graduate programs. In training, they also take classes in web design, animation, and 3D modelling, etc. After completing their educational requirements, they can work at universities, hospitals and other healthcare centers, in research, and even at private companies. People who pursue this profession are usually adept at both science and art. They are also detail-oriented and creative.

  1. Careers in Artificial Intelligence

As we begin to learn more about AI, machine learning, and technology, there is an increasing number of opportunities within the AI field. Ranging from surgical technicians who use robotic tools in medicine to software engineers, analysts, and developers, there is an endless amount of possibilities for people who have a passion for mathematics, engineering, robotics, and computer science. Individuals who pursue such jobs are required to have strong communication skills, up to date technical skills, the ability to adapt, good teamwork skills, and the ability to think logically and clearly.

  1. Cybersecurity

With large amounts of sensitive data being stored online, the need for security and cybersecurity is imminent. Therefore, many opportunities are arising in cybersecurity. Such professionals hold the role of safeguarding data, setting up firewalls, managing security plans, and monitoring online activities. Specific jobs in this industry include cybersecurity engineering, systems engineering, software development, consulting, and more. People in these professions must have experience in project management and knowledge of information systems.

These are just a few examples of the opportunities available in the STEAM field. However, it is also becoming popular for students to tailor their education to their personal interests and build diverse skill sets so that they can “create their own careers”. By identifying problems and untapped markets, the next generation can have a tremendous impact with their creativity. Go forth and explore!





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