Published on November, 2020

Bring Hope to a New Year…

November 30th, 2020; By Erin Kelly

The year of 2020 may go down in history as one of the most challenging years the world has ever experienced. Every single person in the world has been touch […]

What are my rights to post-secondary education as a person with a disability?

November 30th, 2020; By NEADS

All educational institutions have a legal obligation to provide reasonable accommodation, up to the point of ‘undue hardship,’ in order to ensure equity for students with disabilities. The Canadian Charter […]

Career Profile: Nursery and Greenhouse Managers

November 30th, 2020; By Meghan Brown

Greenspaces around your town or city, or the beautiful gardens that people grow around their own homes, add beauty and natural touches to our lives.  But most of the plants, […]

Career Profile: Landscaper or Groundskeeper

November 30th, 2020; By Susan Huebert

Plants can make a place look beautiful, besides helping to improve air quality and many other benefits. Landscapers and groundskeepers help to grow plants around houses, office buildings, and more, […]

Career Profile: Fish Hatchery Manager

November 30th, 2020; By Susan Huebert

Fish and other sea creatures are an important part of our lakes, seas, and oceans, but they can sometimes have trouble surviving. Other animals eat them, people catch them, and […]

How the Pandemic Changed the Landscape of Scholarships in Canada

November 30th, 2020; By Rochelle C. Pangilinan

Student debt has always been a sore subject for most young Canadians. According to a report by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada based on the 2019 Canadian Financial Capability […]

Careers in the Trades: A List

November 30th, 2020; By Jasmin Bollman

The trades sector in Canada is constantly growing and changing. So how do you know which career path is right for you? Here at JobsPeopleDo, we’ve assembled a list of […]