Why Winter is the Best Time to Work on...

Why Winter is the Best Time to Work on Creative Projects

by Stephanie Hughes
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Winter can really suck. Sure, there are the holidays and freshly fallen snow can be very pretty – but otherwise, it can be a cold, depressing time. Or is it? Old Man Winter might be keeping you indoors, but that doesn’t mean the season should go to waste. This is actually the perfect time to work on your more creative projects and hobbies. Even if you don’t consider yourself the most creative type, it’s still an ideal time to try your hand at indoor-related creative pursuits. Trying to learn a new language? Start reciting those Spanish phrases while a storm blows outside. Want to learn how to play an instrument? Grab a guitar instead of trying to shovel your way out to waste time at the mall. You can also draw, design websites, work on your book, etc. There are so many indoor activities that often get ignored while students are sitting around bored during the winter time on holiday vacation. Here are some solid reasons why winter is the best time to work on creative projects:

It’s Just Too Cold Outside to do Anything Physical and Recreational

Unless you’re skiing, tobogganing, or doing anything else that requires a lot of snow, then it’s a real hassle to go outside during the winter to engage in any recreational activity. Instead of slogging yourself out into that unpleasant weather, you should consider staying cozy indoors with a hobby that you always considered trying. Maybe that turbulent storm is trying to tell you something about your artistic destiny!

Winter Scenes can be Inspirational When You’re Short on a Muse

Maybe you want to write or paint, but you don’t know what scene to paint or what subject to write about. The thing about winter is that as dreadful as it can be sometimes, there is also a beauty in it. If you feel entombed by a stubborn snow day, then use this feeling as your muse and pick up the guitar to play the blues. Paint a picture of a drab winter day and use the picture-perfect example right outside your window. It’s a heck of a lot better than sitting around bored and complaining about the weather.

Creativity Keeps the Winter Blues at Bay

Winter tends to be the most depressing season during the year. This makes sense when you consider the lack of sunlight, the fact that the trees aren’t brimming with lush, green leaves or flowers like usual, but are torn down to their bare bones and look… well… dead. Seasonal Depression (or Seasonal Affective Disorder) is a mood disorder which has symptoms that can be worsened or triggered from the passing of a certain season. Most people who have this disorder experience it during the winter months. If you are one of these people that suffer from this condition (or the ‘winter blues’ are just getting you down), keeping yourself engaged with a creative project can be very helpful in maintaining a healthy mental health and keeping yourself in good spirits!

You Probably Won’t Find a Better Time to Finish that Project

During all other seasons, you’re probably going to be hanging out with friends more often, or get into other outdoor activities, or maybe you just flat-out won’t have the time to finish that creative project. If you’re stuck inside with little else to do, you’re more likely to blow the dust off of that creative project and get it finished once and for all. It’s a well-organized way of spending your time effectively on a season-to-season basis.

Maybe you prefer to be outdoors during the winter, or maybe you’re one of these seasonal shut-ins. In any case, winter time is the perfect time for a creative project. It might even make for a great Christmas gift for friends and family!

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