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Transphobia in Canada: A look into the issue, and what must be done.

May 3rd, 2023; By author below

By Avreet Jagdev Transphobia is a term that refers to discrimination against transgender and gender-queer people. At the core, it is rooted in a rejection of transgender identity, and refusing […]

Strategies for Coping with Social Anxiety When You Find It Overwhelming: What You Can Do Before You Even Go Outside

May 3rd, 2023; By Tiffany Chang

Having social anxiety can be difficult. Within the past three years in particular, discussions about it have increased because COVID-19 has resulted in people staying at home much more than […]

A Prime Minister’s Problematic Legacy: Sir John A. MacDonald and a Long History of Racism

April 3rd, 2023; By Elora Pharai

You probably learnt all about Sir John A. MacDonald as Canada’s first Prime Minister, as well as his many achievements in your history classes: how he built Canada’s government, aided […]

How the pandemic changed me.

April 3rd, 2023; By Mara Hurst

Content Warning: Domestic Violence and Mental Health   Looking back on the last four years, I realize how much about me and my life has changed because of the pandemic. […]

Coping with the mental health impacts of the death of a friend or family member

April 3rd, 2023; By Mara Hurst

Seven months ago, I lost my grandmother. She was my last grandparent, and so the loss hit me very hard. I have quite a large family, but she was definitely […]

Sher Vancouver: Vancouver’s LGBTQ+ South Asian Non-Profit

March 2nd, 2023; By Sarah Leung

Sher Vancouver LGBTQ Friends Society, or “Sher Vancouver” for short,” is an LGBTQ+ registered charity that provides for the B.C. South Asian community. “Sher” is a Persian word meaning “lion.” All […]

“I Feel Empty”: How To Make Sense Of “Feeling Empty” And How To Get Better

March 2nd, 2023; By Tiffany Chang

Without a doubt, emotions remain a very complex topic. This complexity especially refers to dealing with negative emotions. Common examples are anger, sadness, and frustration. Nonetheless, another one that some […]