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How Do You know if a Scholarship is Legitimate? Beware of these Red Flags

August 24th, 2017; By Jingwei Chen

Have you ever considered how much personal information you give out when applying for a scholarship? The prospect of getting some free money for school can diminish your cautiousness. Scholarship […]

What is the Point of Applying for Small Scholarships?

August 22nd, 2017; By Jingwei Chen

Small scholarships are ones that have a small payout or are good for only one year or one semester. Students tend to overlook these and aim for the ones attached […]

Tips to Budget Your Financial Aid

August 22nd, 2017; By Jingwei Chen

Congratulations on receiving your financial aid package! A significant amount of money has now been deposited in your bank account, so you may be wondering, now what? The next step […]

June 2017 Scholarships: Apply Now!

May 31st, 2017; By Erin Kelly

Global Lift Equipment Scholarship Scholarship Value: $500 Awards Available: 1 Award Deadline: June 15, 2017 Application: https://www.studentscholarships.org/college_scholarship_applications.php Via studentscholarships.org   10 Words or Less Scholarship Scholarship Value: $500 Awards Available: […]

Career Profile: Heat and Frost Insulator

May 31st, 2017; By Susan Huebert

Canada’s weather can be extreme, making it hard to heat or cool the buildings where people live and work. Heat and frost insulators can help by making sure that the […]

Largest Merit-Based Scholarships in Canada

May 31st, 2017; By Meghan Brown

Scholarships are one of the important ways you can pay for your education.  Amounts you can get will vary anywhere from a few hundred dollars, to several thousand, and are […]

Manitoba Trade Scholarships

May 31st, 2017; By Laura Sciarpelletti

Tuition Fee Income Tax Rebate Manitoba graduates from apprenticeship programs can apply to receive 60% income tax rebates on tuition fees based on their specific studies. That is a HUGE […]