The Many Different Types of Poetry

by Laura Sciarpelletti

There are so many different forms of poetry, with their different ways of expression and style limitations. Poetry is a fantastic way to open up and let the creative juices […]

Look It Up: Careers in Research

by Anthony Teles

In a day and age where anyone can look up anything from their phone at any time, research has become a commonplace activity. But the world is filled with seemingly […]

Career Profile: Ski Lift Mechanic

by Susan Huebert

Imagine what it would be like to carry someone up a mountain slope. Very few people could do that on their own, but they can if they work as ski […]

Make Them Laugh: A Career in Comedy

by Anthony Teles

You know how to make them laugh. Witty retorts roll off your tongue. All your friends know you as the funny one. A career in comedy looks to be in […]

Changing Responsibilities: The Leap From Elementary School To High School

by Jack Blare

The transition between elementary or middle school to high school is a big one. As you grow older and move into high school-level classes, your responsibilities will change as well. […]

STEM Career Profile : Film and Video Editor

by Laura Sciarpelletti

The position of film and video editor–which is usually a freelance position–is the technical side of a creative field. This career requires you to be precise and systematic; you would […]