How to make friends after graduating...

How to make friends after graduating Post-Secondary

by Maria Cruz
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Now that things have wrapped up in university and you’re on your way to the real world, there are lots of things you’ll need to devote your time to. Aside from finding work and maintaining a place to live, you’ll also need to think about your social life. It might seem like you’re not going to see your friends again, but there are lots of ways you can keep up with them and meet new people too.

Your friends from university or college will no doubt be worrying about the same things you are, but even if you can’t see them every day you can meet new people and make budding friendships in various ways. Even if you are entering into post-secondary, the following can still be applied:


One of the best places you can go to is a website called meetup.com. This website devotes its time to putting together an assortment of group meeting based on personal preference. You can choose which activities you’d like to get involved in and find out which meeting you’d like to go to based on your selection. For example, if you’re interested in sports, you can meet up with people going to a baseball game or playing a game of pickup football. You’re all in the same boat where none of you know each other, but part of the fun is meeting new people.

Book clubs

There’s nothing better for some people than getting together and discussing literature. What better way to meet new like-minded people than to join a book club? You’ll all read a book before getting together to discuss it and share your ideas. Sort of like The Finer Things Club, which we all know was the most exclusive club on The Office.


If you want to do some good for your community while also meeting new people, you can volunteer some of your time to a charity of your choice. Whether it’s with animals or with people, you’re bound to meet lots of new people on the job. Plus, you’ll feel better knowing you did some good in the long run.

Join a class

It might not sound like the best idea to attend more school right after you graduated, but the good news is that you can pick a class based on the things you never got to study in school. Did you want to learn a new language? Maybe you want to know how to bake something without setting the fire alarm off. A night class is a terrific way to meet new people, make new friends, and obtain that skill you’ve been itching to learn. Not to mention, where did you earn some of your best friends? In school!

The most important thing to remember when meeting new people outside of school is that you’ll need to put yourself out there. It might not be super easy, but these are some of the places you can go to start a new friendship and potentially meet some of your new friends.

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