Hairstylist Career Profile

Hairstylist Career Profile

by Alexa Cairns
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A hairstylist cares for, cleans, cuts and styles hair. They assist clients by taking requests and giving advice to those unsure of what they should do with their hair.

Hair stylists fall under the trades industry. Salons, where hair stylists typically work all fall into the “personal care industry”.

As a hairstylist, you are required to perform basic washing, conditioning, cutting and drying clients’ hair as per their requested style. Clients may also ask for their hair to be dyed, straightened or curled. After the client’s hair has been done and they are satisfied, you must clean up the hair on the floor. In order to succeed in the position, hairstylists have to be good at their job and good at matching the client’s requests as how they want their hair done. To advance in the position, you would need positive reviews from clients if you’re working in a salon. If you’re a freelance hairstylist, there is no position to move up to- only more clients! As a hairstlyist at a salon, you have the opportunity to advance to being a salon manager. You can also move up “levels” as a hairstylist based on how much education you endure, competition winning, and years of experience. Most salons have levels 1, 2 and 3 for hair stylists.  There will always be a need for hairstylists due to the fact that beauty is such an important part in our society.

In order to become a hairstylist, you need to have a high school diploma and have graduated from cosmetology school, along with most places requiring you to get a license stating that you are a qualified hairstylist. It is recommended that you take cosmetology throughout high school in order to have a better chance at getting jobs in this field. There are many cosmetology programs provided at colleges and universities all across the world.

If you are an extrovert, becoming a hairstylist is a great job for you. All day, you get to meet and interact with people. It is common that if people chat and become friendly with their hair stylists, they are more likely to give them good reviews and to return to the same hairstylist. This job also has very flexible hours and gives you the opportunity to work at a salon or freelance. A con of this job is that the pay isn’t always pre-determined and since you are paid per client, and by tips. Therefore, the pay can be unsteady.

Hair stylists work flexible hours and often get to choose which hours they work. If the hairstylist is working in a salon, they usually aren’t open past 6:00-8:00pm, so this job does not often require working night shifts. The work environment is a good quality; indoors, usually clean and professional.

The salary for hairstylists typically starts at $23k per year, but they have the room to grow up to a $50k salary depending on how long they have been working in that position. As mentioned, hairstylists have the chance to be promoted to salon manager who earn between $29k-$75k per year.


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