That’s All, Folks: Advice for those...

That’s All, Folks: Advice for those going into their last semester of college/university

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By Tiffany Chang

Congratulations! You’re almost there. For some students, this may be your last few months of schooling and then, after graduation, it’s out into the real world.

As someone who recently graduated, one’s final semester can pass by quite quickly. To end this journey on a high note, here are a few tips on how you can make the most out of it:

Make Sure This Is Your Last Semester

Even if you’re absolutely sure you’ve calculated correctly, it doesn’t hurt to double check with a counselor or academic advisor that this is indeed your final semester. You have access to another pair of knowledgeable eyes whose job is to help students in these areas, so soon-to-be graduates might as well confirm the current number of completed credits as well as the credits in progress for good measure.

Overall, asking could provide that additional reassurance.

Connect with Alumni Who Have Graduated from Your Program

If you haven’t done so already, many colleges/universities facilitate opportunities for students to meet people with established careers who’ve graduated from the same program as them. They often help you get a better idea of what professions are currently feasible options in your chosen field.

Students can likely gain very valuable, updated information during these encounters that could give them the right tools to prepare them for future job searching. This is essentially networking as you can also establish professional relationships with alumni as well.

Take Some Time to Enjoy the Rest of Your Academic Journey

Do anything the school has to offer for students that you think you might like, whether it be joining a club, a volunteering/work opportunity, or attending/getting involved with various events. During COVID-19, this may be tricky to navigate, but I encourage you to try your best to find something enjoyable while, of course, also keeping yourself safe and following safety protocols.

Another option might even be taking a course(s) you’re interested in. For instance, those attending university and getting their bachelor’s degree who have finished their program’s specific requirements could enrol in a course(s) that isn’t necessarily related to their major. They will learn information they’ll likely enjoy engaging with while completing their remaining credits.

These are all great ways to create memories you’ll be able to look back on fondly long after graduation.

Finally, Give Yourself a Pat on the Back!

Pursuing a college/university program is difficult and encompasses countless stressful moments. Often times, people are so focused on their heavy workloads that they feel as though they don’t have time to take in how much they’ve actually accomplished throughout the entire process.

Just pause for a moment to reflect, then say: “I can see the finish line and I’m proud of myself for making it this far.”

All in all, appreciate the time you have left as a student and try doing what’s stated above while you still can. You’ve worked incredibly hard to finish your schooling. Continue being productive and seek opportunities for enjoyment as you complete your last semester.

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