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Career Profile: Information Technology Network Technician

by Susan Huebert
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If you ever work with computers, you know how helpful but sometimes frustrating they can be. You might have worked for hours on a project and then found that only the first few pages of your work were saved. Maybe you have a project ready to send to a classmate or teacher, but your connection to the Internet is not working. That kind of problem can be a major issue for businesses. Information technology network technicians help to keep computers and their connections running smoothly so that people can continue with their tasks.

Generally, information technology network technicians work in places such as large offices, universities, or school districts where people use computers regularly for a variety of tasks such as information searching, communicating with colleagues, or other tasks. As the job title suggests, much of the work deals with networks such as LANs (Local Area Networks) or web servers. They install software to monitor security or to allow computers access to printers, monitors, or keyboards.

Sometimes people in this field work with the computer hardware, including hard drives and web server equipment, to make sure that it is working properly. At other times, they work with software. Anything related to making sure that computers are functioning properly can be part of the work of an information technology network technician. Often, this job involves responding to crises and finding problems in computer coding or connections. Troubleshooting is an important skill for people in this field.

Sometimes, information technology network technicians work with several other people in a computer department of an office, but they often work alone or sometimes with one colleague. Being able to work alone is an important aspect of the job. However, these technicians also need to be able to explain the concepts to people in the office who might know little about computers or networks. Being able to take a complicated concept and explain it to others is helpful in this job.

The education necessary for this job depends on the situation. However, most employers require a college education in computer science, network administration, web technology, or a similar field. An education in a related area is also a possibility in some cases. Normally, these programs take at least two or three years to complete. Software vendors also have training programs that can help people gain the knowledge they need.

Preparing for a career in this field is important. In high school, taking computer courses is a good idea. Classes in English are useful for reading instructions and learning more about the work, and mathematics courses are good for learning to make calculations.

Working as an information technology network technician can involve long hours and occasional emergencies when a network breaks down. The work is normally indoors, but technicians might sometimes need to work on outside cables and do the necessary repairs. Paying attention to details is important to be able to detect the problems when they occur.

Generally, salaries begin at about $20 per hour or $36,000 per year and can rise to $49 per hour or $67,000 per year. The detailed work can become difficult later in life as people’s vision fades and their hands become less steady, but it can be a good career for many years. It could be the right career for you.



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