Ideas for Fun Family Day Activities and...

Ideas for Fun Family Day Activities and Suggestions for Connecting/Reconnecting with Family Members

by Tiffany Chang
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Family Day, hence the name, was created so that families could spend some more time with one another. Without a doubt, it’s an occasion many look forward to. While this has been a good addition to certain provinces’ various holidays, some might be unsure about how they can make the most of it.

Here are some ideas for fun, Family Day activities:

Ideas for Activities

Cook and/or Bake Together

Cooking and baking are great activities to do together as everyone can have individual and/or shared tasks. For example, if you’re planning on making baked goods like chocolate-chip cookies, maybe designate a family member to gather the necessary ingredients, two may combine these to make the dough, then everybody can separate this dough and place them onto the cookie sheets.

You could either choose a favourite recipe or take this opportunity to try a new one.

Go to a Park and Engage with Your Favourite Outdoor Activities

This is a good idea if your family loves being outdoors. Think of every activity you want to do, then gather all the necessary equipment and go to a park.

Watch a Movie

If you’re all feeling tired but still want to spend some quality time with each other, enjoying a movie is a great way to do so. You could go to the theatre or watch one at home. Look up newly released movies and see if any pique your interest.

Take the Time to Just Talk

Sometimes, it’s fun to just have lighthearted conversations with your family. This would be perfect for those who are often busy and don’t normally take the time to sit down and talk with loved ones. You could do this after any meal on Family Day (after breakfast or lunch are good times) by lingering at your kitchen table for a while and letting the conversation flow.

Suggestions for Connecting/Reconnecting with Family Members

Reach Out to Them via E-mail or Social Media (When Connecting)

This avenue would be best if you don’t feel comfortable verbally speaking with the family member(s) yet but still want to effectively break the ice. Via e-mail or social media, reach out, ask how they’ve been doing, and express your interest in connecting with them.

Contact Them through a Text Message or Phone Call (When Reconnecting)

If you had a close relationship with the relative(s) before but you’ve drifted apart over the years, contact them through a text message or phone call. Let them know that you’ve missed them and have been thinking about reconnecting.

Of course, this all varies according to everyone’s unique situation. The two most important factors when contacting these family members is addressing them as well as initiating the conversation in a suitable way and via the means that you see fit.

Overall, this holiday is an important reminder that time is very precious, and everyone should make the most of it, particularly regarding time we have with loved ones. Whether its doing fun activities or reaching out to other family members who you can potentially have/continue to have fulfilling relationships with, if you take the suggestions above, you’ll likely experience an enjoyable Family Day.

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