Student Life

STEM Groups at School and Beyond!

by author below

By Erin Rebello If you’re anything like me, you’re interested in just about everything STEM related! From books to movies to school subjects and more, I absolutely love STEM! You’ve […]

3 Students Have Suggestions Adaptive Technology for Visually Impaired Central Ontario Leadership Seminars Promo Video Checking University applications Do Your Labs on Time Don't Delay Post Secondary Focus on Jobs When Choosing Courses Get Involved Importance of Schooling Know Whats Going On Practical Knowledge in College Rachelle Neuroscience Taking a Year Off to Train for the Circus Time Off Exchange Program Use Your TAs What I would tell my younger self

Inspiring Movies that Cover Extraordinary Real Life People that have Accomplished Great Things

by Alexa Cairns

Have you ever felt unmotivated or thought, “I’m only one person, I can’t make that big of a difference.”? Most of us have at some point. Next time you catch […]

The Importance of a GSA at Your School

by Erin Kelly

By Erin Rebello You’ve probably heard of the term GSA and you probably have a GSA in your elementary or high school. But what is a GSA and what makes […]

Teacher Strikes in Ontario

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By Maryam Sheikh This year might seem a little different than others; no, it’s not an increase in snow days, but rather, an increase in days off for students due […]

Use Failure as Your Top Motivator!

by Elora Pharai

School is harder than it seems. Not only is it hard to keep up with your grades, but with the people around you. I’ll admit, I am not a competitive […]

Why More Students and Young Adults are Living at Home

by Anthony Teles

The economy is a mess. We have produced plenty of wealth, but more and more of us are not seeing those benefits. Young adults are the ones feeling the brunt […]