Published on March, 2020

Why Education Matters

March 31st, 2020; By Alexa Cairns

Throughout elementary and high school, you have probably heard students say, “What’s the point of learning this?” and “When am I going to use this information in my future job?” […]

What is Money Really Worth?

March 31st, 2020; By Anthony Teles

Why is money so important? These little coins, pieces of paper, and abstract numbers in our bank accounts have played a critical role in civilization. But ultimately, they are just […]

What Can You Do with a University English Degree?

March 31st, 2020; By Susan Huebert

If you study Education, Medicine, or Law in university, you have a clear career path. With an English degree, the career path is more difficult, but finding a good job […]

The Vanishing Act – Jobs Likely to Disappear due to Climate Change

March 31st, 2020; By Rochelle C. Pangilinan

With coronavirus cases skyrocketing around the world, there’s no doubt that this is the most pressing issue we are facing now. In Canada alone, there have been almost 900 recorded […]

The Importance of Personal Hygiene

March 31st, 2020; By Linda Mendes

Maintaining good personal hygiene is very important for everyone. It can benefit you in several different ways. Poor personal hygiene can have lots of risks as well. If you want […]

Pen and Paper Ready – A Look into Writing Scholarships in Canada

March 31st, 2020; By Rochelle C. Pangilinan

Expressing your ideas clearly in a manner that captivates your audience sounds like it’s an easy task, but in reality, it’s a challenging one. This is why most people look […]

Lessons from Pinocchio – Why You Should Value Truthfulness

March 31st, 2020; By Rochelle C. Pangilinan

We all know what happened to Pinocchio when he chose to tell lies instead of being honest. However, while we certainly won’t see our noses grow bigger when we lie, […]