Career Profile: Surveyors

by Susan Huebert

Any street with a lot of buildings, especially houses, is likely to have many fences marking the edge of each property. Before people can build those fences, they need to […]

Career Profile: Farmers and Ranchers

by Susan Huebert

If you look at your next meal, you might see meat, fruit, vegetables, or other kinds of food that comes from farms or ranches. The work that farmers and ranchers […]

Build a Great Trades Career in 10 Years or Less: Making the Most of the Trades Employment Gap

by Meghan Brown

The future of the trades in Canada is caught between two seemingly opposing forces.  On the one hand, future-forward industries that rely on the trades are expected to see huge […]

Career Profile: Insulation Workers – Floor, Ceiling, and Wall

by Susan Huebert

In Canada and other cold countries, insulation is important for keeping people warm and preventing pipes in buildings from freezing. In summer, insulation in floors, ceilings, and walls helps to […]

Career Profile: Fishers and related fishing workers

by Susan Huebert

When you and your family want a change from meats like beef or chicken, you might decide to eat fish. Have you ever thought of who catches the fish? Your […]

Career Profile: Geographic Information Specialists

by Susan Huebert

If you go on a trip with your parents or grandparents, you might see them pull out a paper map to look at when then need help with directions. Some […]