Career Profile: Hippotherapist

by Erin Kelly

Horses can be fun to ride, but they are good for much more. Hippotherapists work with horses to help people with physical and mental needs to recover from illnesses and […]

Career Profile: Marine Engine Technician

by Giselle Mazurat

Do you like boats, ships, or watercraft systems? Do you like being by the water? If so, a career as a Marine Engine Technician may interest you. What Do You […]

Hairstylist Career Profile

by Alexa Cairns

A hairstylist cares for, cleans, cuts and styles hair. They assist clients by taking requests and giving advice to those unsure of what they should do with their hair. Hair […]

Farm Equipment Mechanic Career Profile (French version available)

by Susan Huebert

Every machine breaks down at some point, whether from frequent use or from being badly made. When that equipment is essential, such as on a farm, a person who can […]

Explosives Workers, Ordnance Handling Experts Career Profile

by Susan Huebert

If you watch a construction project from the beginning, you might see people setting explosives. They might blow up rocks, tree stumps, or even the foundation of old buildings to […]

Get Sun and Exercise by Working an Outdoor Trades Job This Summer (French version available)

by Meghan Brown

Summer break is coming up, which means it’s time for many students to start looking for a summer job.  While most towns and cities will have the usual restaurant and […]