Career Profile: Drywall Finisher

by Liam Kelly

Before there was drywall, entire walls were finished with lathe and plaster; a labor and time intensive process. During WW2 when labour was hard to come by on the home […]

Career Profile: Welder

by Liam Kelly

Welding is a growing trade with many opportunities across both construction and manufacturing industries. In Canada welding is a certified trade with a three year registered apprenticeship. With Canada’s oil […]

Career Profile: Special Effects Technician

by Susan Huebert

Think of a movie or television program that has good special effects. They might be fires, explosions, or something less dramatic like breaking a table apart or creating a scar […]

Get a Move On!

by Susan Huebert

Most people move at some point in their lives, either from a house to an apartment or the other way around. Some people also move from one office building to […]

Rig Technician

by Service Canada

Drilling is an important phase of oil exploration and extraction in Canada. Drilling is one of the methods used to access hydrocarbon formations. Rig technicians work on drilling rigs and […]

Child and Youth Worker


Child and youth workers help young people with various challenges. They help children and youth who have learning, social, emotional, or behavioural issues. They can work in residential, institutional, or […]