The three quizzes below are designed to help guide you on your career path and perhaps identify career choices you may not have thought about. They will help explore your work abilities, learning styles and work values.

These quizzes are not gender related, and are diverse in career paths.

Once completed and given your results, go to the video page to view that career.

You can also check the job profile page, see related courses and rate of pay (this list is still growing, be patient if your career choice is not appearing).

Have fun !

  • Abilities Quiz Identify your abilities and get a list of matching occupations to explore.

  • Data, People, Things Quiz Select the ways you like to work with data, people and things and get a list of matching occupations to explore.
  • Work Preference Quiz Do you prefer directive, social, methodical, objective or innovative work? Complete the work preference inventory to get a list of occupations that match your preferences.