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Curriculum Inclusion: Representing BIPOC History and Contributions in Schools

by author below

By Natasha Cooper In Canada’s unique and complex history, the stories of Black, Indigenous, and other people of colour or BIPOC communities have often been overlooked, written out, and silenced.  […]

Indigenous Perspectives on AI Ethics

by Anthony Teles

Have you been keeping up with all the crazy advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI)? It’s cool stuff, like a super-powered brain learning and doing all sorts of things. But with […]

Everyone Belongs: Making Schools Safe and Inclusive for LGBTQ+ Students

by Anthony Teles

Schools are places where everyone should feel welcome and respected, no matter who they are or who they love. That’s what LGBTQ+ inclusion is all about – creating a safe […]

The Many Roles of Support Dogs

by Sarah Leung

For many people, support dogs are an essential help in their daily lives. While dogs are man’s best friend, support dogs aid individuals in more ways than just through their […]

The Water Crisis Plaguing Indigenous Reservations Across Canada: How You Can Help (French version available)

by Elora Pharai

Picture this, the year is 2022: you live in Canada, which is often advertised and perceived as being one of the safest countries, rich in resources and many beneficial aspects […]

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women: Addressing the Crisis

by author below

By Avreet Jagdev Across Canada, Indigenous communities continue to face many ongoing injustices, including overrepresentation in the criminal justice system, higher rates of unemployment, and poorer health conditions. One issue […]