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Sher Vancouver: Vancouver’s LGBTQ+ South Asian Non-Profit

by Sarah Leung

Sher Vancouver LGBTQ Friends Society, or “Sher Vancouver” for short,” is an LGBTQ+ registered charity that provides for the B.C. South Asian community. “Sher” is a Persian word meaning “lion.” All […]

“I Feel Empty”: How To Make Sense Of “Feeling Empty” And How To Get Better

by Tiffany Chang

Without a doubt, emotions remain a very complex topic. This complexity especially refers to dealing with negative emotions. Common examples are anger, sadness, and frustration. Nonetheless, another one that some […]

Advice for Handling Winter as It Stretches into February and Impacts Your Mental/Physical Health

by Tiffany Chang

Winter can be a very interesting season. While it brings heartwarming moments like seeing snowball fights or Christmas decorations, winter undoubtedly has some negative facets as well. These include sometimes […]

A look at Seasonal Affective Disorder

by author below

By Bhargavi Venkataraman When the days get shorter and the wind gets chillier, people seem to want to stay in bed just a little longer. It becomes harder to get […]

Examples of recent movies, shows, and games with positive portrayals of disabilities

by author below

By Rabia Khan Winter and the holiday season are all about experimenting with content; the weather forecast has somehow forced us to rely on Netflix and quit us from going […]

A look at the AGO’s spotlight on Indigenous artists for 2023

by author below

The Art Gallery of Ontario, or the AGO, is spotlighting a range of talented Indigenous artists in the new year. Beginning in January, the AGO will showcase works by artists […]