«College Bound» column

Preparing for College Applications: A Comprehensive Guide

May 6th, 2024; By Tiffany Chang

High school can be a very eventful time. From choosing your courses and meeting new people to securing long-lasting friendships and exploring extracurricular opportunities, students do a lot during these […]

A Guide to Scholarships and Aid for Career College Students

May 4th, 2024; By Anthony Teles

Navigating the world of financial aid can seem like an overwhelming task, especially when you’re eager to start your career education journey. However, understanding the scholarships and financial support available […]

From Student to Startup: How Career Colleges Propel Aspiring Entrepreneurs into Business Tycoons

May 4th, 2024; By Anthony Teles

Ever dreamt of turning your million-dollar idea into reality or pitching your startup on a big stage? It’s a thrilling journey many aspire to, and career colleges across Canada are […]

Jobs Robots Do: Changes in the Workforce

February 5th, 2024; By Anthony Teles

The Industrial Revolution saw amazing changes to the world of manufacturing. It also saw many trained, capable people lose their jobs. In a world of automation, self-driving cars, and increasingly […]

High School Graduation Requirements in BC

January 8th, 2024; By Susan Huebert

Getting into high school can be an exciting time, with more independence than in earlier years and the idea of planning for future work or studies. Even with extra freedom […]

Benefits and Drawbacks of Ontario’s Co-op Programs

January 8th, 2024; By Susan Huebert

Traditional forms of education can be good, but sometimes students need a different style of learning. Ontario’s co-op programs can be a good choice for students who know the benefits […]

The Concerning Trend B.C. of Apprenticeship Completion Rates: Future Improvements

January 8th, 2024; By Sarah Leung

For those looking for work in the trades, they benefit from proper certification. Individuals need to complete a trades apprenticeship, where they gain on-the-job experience under an employer. While certification […]