Preparing for College Applications: A...

Preparing for College Applications: A Comprehensive Guide

by Tiffany Chang
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High school can be a very eventful time. From choosing your courses and meeting new people to securing long-lasting friendships and exploring extracurricular opportunities, students do a lot during these years. Another undertaking, particularly involving those in upper grades, is prepping to apply for colleges/universities. It may be exciting but also stressful to think about as doing so means beginning the process of taking the next big step in your academic career. If this describes your situation and you’re wondering about measures you could take to prepare for college applications, here are a few tips:

Read Ahead on Prospective Schools and Their Application Requirements

Do research as well as read ahead on post-secondary schools you’re considering and their requirements for applications. This will give you the best understanding of what you should do specifically to prepare. In particular, look up what grades and/or grade point average you must have to qualify for programs you’re interested in pursuing. If you find that you come across difficulties with courses that count toward the grade point average calculation, seeking help or trying other study strategies would likely be the most beneficial course of action.

Have An Updated Resume to Refresh Your Memory of Accomplishments

Keep your resume updated as this can refresh your memory regarding what you’ve accomplished and/or participated in thus far. It will help refer back to if you plan on applying to any schools that require writing a personal profile such as the University of British Columbia. These usually involve describing what various experiences you’ve had entailed as well as how they have broadened your horizon. Additionally, try getting as many references as you can. Contact previous supervisors, coordinators, or anyone in a similar position who can attest to what you’ve done and ask if you could add them as a reference. If you have the time, visiting them in person to ask, talking about what you did, as well as telling them your plans remain great options.

Assume More Roles that Will Look Good on Applications

Are there roles you’d like to take on that would look good on applications? This especially pertains if you’re currently in grade 11, not long before you’re applying. Some ideas would be requesting to assume any leadership positions available within clubs you’ve already joined or volunteering outside of school.

Know Where and How to Access Your Transcript

For applications, a current transcript is needed. Most Canadian high school students can access transcripts through their provincial government’s official website. When the time for applying nears, follow the site’s instructions on creating an account for this if you don’t already have one.

Getting ready to apply for college/university can be daunting. Nonetheless, there are several positive, associated implications as well. It could give you opportunities to challenge yourself productively, enjoy new experiences, create meaningful connections, and even provide you with a sense of accomplishment. Overall, if you consider the pointers above, you’re on the right path toward successfully preparing for college applications.

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