«Interviews» column

Library Technician – Marilyn Cameron

March 20th, 2023; By Susan Huebert

Susan Huebert talks with library technician Marilyn Cameron about her career and education.

Emergency Physician – Dr Jennifer Bryan

March 20th, 2023; By author below

Erin Rebello has an in-depth conversation with Dr. Jennifer Bryan about her work, education, and the impact that the pandemic has had on the healthcare system.

Quality Control Technician – Galen Miles

February 24th, 2023; By Susan Huebert

Susan Huebert interviews Galen Miles, a quality control technician in plastics manufacturing.

Director of Digital Production – Laurinda Shaver

February 24th, 2023; By author below

Julia Skoczypiec interviews Laurinda Shaver, a director of digital pre-school production.

CEO & Former Member of Parliament – Andrew Cash

January 23rd, 2023; By author below

Avreet Jagdev talks with Andrew Cash, former MP with the NDP and current CEO of the Canadian Independent Music Association. He discusses his education and what his day-to-day experience has […]

Archivist – Gloria Romaniuk

January 23rd, 2023; By Susan Huebert

Susan Huebert talks to archivist Gloria Romaniuk about her work, and the importance of preserving documents and information.

Development Producer – Brandon Lane

December 16th, 2022; By author below

Julia Skoczypiec talks with Brandon Lane about his work as a development producer and showrunner for children’s media. Brandon Lane is a Development Executive at Nelvana, a well-known Canadian animation […]