«Mental Health» column

Tips for Finding Out Post-Secondary School Student Services

April 8th, 2024; By author below

By Jacob Aron Leung For many new students, going to post-secondary can be overwhelming. A whole new school means lots of opportunities to meet people and learn new things. One […]

Student Mental Health in New Learning Environments

April 7th, 2024; By Anthony Teles

The way we learn keeps evolving, and with that comes a fresh set of challenges. One of the most important is supporting your mental health. This article explores some key […]

The Many Roles of Support Dogs

February 12th, 2024; By Sarah Leung

For many people, support dogs are an essential help in their daily lives. While dogs are man’s best friend, support dogs aid individuals in more ways than just through their […]

Building Resilience in Children: Strategies for Teachers and Parents

January 8th, 2024; By Tiffany Chang

Without question, having resilience remains necessary as working through challenges is a part of life. It’s best to begin building resilience early on, meaning during childhood, so that more opportunities […]

Loneliness in the Age of the Internet

January 8th, 2024; By author below

By Bhargavi Venkataraman With access to millions of people’s thoughts, likes, dislikes, interests, and lives at your fingertips, it seems like this age of humanity should give rise to the […]

Loneliness in the Age of Social Media

December 4th, 2023; By author below

By Rabia Khan Loneliness is increasing in youth at a speed of thunderbolt. Where social media is consumed to fill the dark void inside our souls, it is also contributing […]

The Role of Pets in Mental Wellbeing

December 4th, 2023; By author below

By Rabia Khan We all need that little something that uplifts us instantly. And what more than your own pets doing their role perfecting your mental wellbeing, and we all […]