Career Profile: Agricultural Engineer

by Susan Huebert

Everyone needs help at some point. For people working to provide food for others, agricultural engineers can be very helpful in solving problems or dealing with crises that occur. If […]

The Importance of Environmental Education in High School

by Susan Huebert

In your classes, you likely learn about ideas like sustainability. You know about the importance of recycling and other practices that help to preserve the natural world. An environmental education […]

Work Experience and Internships – What’s Available for High Schoolers

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In high school, and sometimes even earlier, many students start to look for summer jobs to earn money and to learn something about working for a living. Sometimes, however, high […]

Combining Work and Study: Is It Sustainable?

by author below

By: Avreet Jagdev At a certain point in their educational career, often in high school or post-secondary, many students find themselves facing a tough decision: is it possible for them […]

The Importance of Co-op Programs in Ontario High Schools

by Meghan Brown

No one has their future all figured out while they’re in their teens.  You’re still learning new things about yourself, and still growing your knowledge and skills.  Yet it sometimes […]

The A-Z’s of LGBTQ+: What Does “LGBTQ+” Mean?

by Sarah Leung

Pride Month may be June, but the concept of pride extends to a person’s whole life. Pride Month dedicates June to supporting LGBTQ+ people and their experiences. When it comes […]